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Digital PET Home Appliance Production Line

Digital PET Home Appliance Production Line


  The full name is digital patten laminating polyethylene terephthalate home appliance production line, it is a set of equipments that coats a layer of organic paint on both sides of the coils after it is degreased and non – chrome treated and then coat a layer of PET paint with digital patten, and put a final protection coat to finish the product. The production line was composed of uncoiler, stitcher (welder), storage tank, degreasing section, coater, curing oven, hot laminator, protection film laminator, shear, recoiler and other equipments.

Technical Parameters

  Technical parameter

  a. Equipment parameter

  1. Plate material: zinc electroplating, hot-dip galvanizing, hot-dip gavalume, cold rolling plate.

  2. Strip width: 800~1650 mm.

  3. Strip thickness: 0.2~1.5mm

  4. Coil outer diameter: φ800~2000mm

  5. Process speed: 25~70 m/min

  6. Production capacity: 30~80 thousand tons per year

  7. Energy type: electricity, natural gas, LPG, coal gas, steam, compressed air and etc.

  b. Equipments feature

  1. Advanced continuous coating process, two coating and two baking for up and down side, with reliable techniques, widely used in metallic workshops, municipal structure and high – end civil buildings.

  2. The pretreatment section uses continuous alkali spray, alkali brushing and three stage water spray, and last stage set fresh water spray to enhance the degreasing effect, ensure the cleanness and the quality of the product.

  3. To strengthen the adhesion of the paint, we use non chrome chemical coating technology, with chemical agent cycling and agitating system, the chemical film and coater could form in high quality and performance. This process also has features of environmental friendly, high utilization, and high adhension.

  4. The coater was equipped with pressure sensor to display and control the uniformity of the coat, using vector motor variable frequency speed adjustment for forward or backward coating, could control the thickness of the coat layer into one μm, to adjust the requirement of different products.

  5. The laminator uses double side laminating, send the PVC/PET film with the strip together, the press rolls press the PVC/PET film on the pre – coated plate adhesives, this type of filming could archive fast coil shifting, automatic centering and auto flattening, thus increase the efficiency and saving the cost.

  6. The baking furnace uses multiple stage labyrinth board structure with high heat preservation, and has several hot air cycling devices, fresh air filling system, waste gas emission, automatic temperature control and other functions, equipped with incinerate and complete heat recovery devices, reached national emission standard, saving energy and lower the cost of the production.

  7. The control system has ACFCVM, CPC and EPC, on site bus and etc, with nice user interface and stable equipments.

  Above are the general descriptions of the products, for your information.